String Ensemble - Symphony Series

SYMPHONY SERIES – STRING ENSEMBLE is the sound of a full 60-piece string orchestra with unparalleled sound quality. True Auto Divisi provides ultra-accurate realism. And true polyphonic legato and portamento deliver full emotional impact.
The Dynamics knob allows you to create expressive real-time performances. Any adjustment intelligently blends the recordings of different dynamic layers for fluid, dramatic tonal shifts. True Auto Divisi, plus polyphonic legato and portamento on all sections provide the most realistic string performances possible on a software instrument.
pen up the mixer to create the perfect blend of close, mid, and far mics – all stereo pairs maintain phase coherence in any mix combination. Memory is only allocated to active mic positions for maximum efficiency. With the individual loading of volume, pan and output routing for each position, you have full control over your mix – plus a range of effect options. All mixer settings can be stored, and easily recalled for other NKIs.



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