Melodyne 4 essential

Melodyne offers you algorithms for every type of audio: vocals, instruments, percussive sounds, noise, entire mixes. The algorithm determines how the audio material will be interpreted and displayed.

The Melodic and Polyphonic algorithms offer you, in the case of vocals as well as both mono- and polyphonic instruments, full access to the notes of which the sound is composed as well as to their musical parameters.

The Percussive algorithm offers you a time-sliced display suitable for drum loops, percussion instruments and noise-like, unpitched material. The time slices are edited in a very similar manner to the notes.

The Universal algorithm is ideal for time-stretching or transposing entire mixes or polyphonic instrument tracks in cases where no access to the individual notes is required. It is very sparing in its use of resources and it, too, slices up the material along the time axis.

Melodyne’s algorithms allow you to make anything from the subtlest to the most far-reaching enhancements to your audio material, whatever its nature, the resulting sound quality being optimal in every case.



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Who use it

Kipper , Joseph Magee, Jan Kybert, Guy Sigsworth, Michael Hartung, Carmen Rizzo, Robert Jason, Jason Phats, Florian Ammon, Reinhold Mack, Andy Sneap, Reinhold Heil, John Reynolds, Ted Perlman, Andrew Sheps, Gareth Jones, Andy Gray, Ali Staton, Dickie Chappell, Rob Arbittier, A. R. Rahman


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$ 99.00 Jun 27, 2017

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