Element 2

Element 2.0 is an analog-style polyphonic instrument designed to deliver the fat, warm sounds of classic analog synths, with all the precision, flexibility and control of a cutting-edge software instrument.

The first synthesizer to take advantage of the next generation of Waves’ Virtual Voltage technology, Element 2.0 includes a vast array of convenient features and functions, including five integrated effects, a 16-step sequencer, MIDI learn for all controls, and a massive, fully tweakable preset library.

All Element 2.0 parameters are laid out right there in front of you—so when inspiration strikes, there’s no need to scroll through page after page in order to customize your sounds. Searing leads, gritty basses, lush pads, electro-percussion, sequential motions, mind-blowing FX and lots more—Element 2.0 has it all. Perfect for the studio and for live performances.
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Who use it

Dave Darlington, Yoad Nevo, Thom Russo , Brian Trifon, James Sanger, Kris Menace, Morgan Page, Junior Sanchez, Jason Nevins, Jordan Rudess, Drumsound & Bassline Smith, Jo A, Autodafeh


How much

$ 59.00 Jul 13, 2017

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