Eiosis E²Deesser

The Eiosis e2Deesser is the new standard in professional deessing, featuring a simple and elegant interface coupled with a powerful frequency analysis engine. Unlike competing products, the e2Deesser can be largely controlled by only two knobs, allowing precise and natural-sounding deessing in seconds.
If you’re short on time, you can simply call up one of the presets and tweak the Sensitivity and Amount knobs to dial in the correct amount of deessing required. Sensitivity detects more or less sibilants, and Amount determines how much the detected sibilance should be reduced.
If you have another 30 seconds or so you can use the fine Sibilants controls, which offer unprecedented sonic options while remaining easy to understand and use.
The Auto control dynamically adjusts the frequency response of the sibilants. The higher the setting, the more it will remove steep frequency peaks and whistles that usually result in unpleasant-sounding resonances. The Smooth control adds a gentle and natural saturation in order to remove peakiness, high amplitudes, sizzle and cracklings from the sibilants, without harshness.



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