Custom Series Bundle

The Custom EQ is like an EQ All-Star team. It’s the result of studying over a dozen classic analog equalizers, identifying the best attributes of each of them, and then piecing those attributes together into one EQ. That means that every band of the Custom EQ has its own uniquely-modeled boost and attenuation design, and its own analog-modeled output section with rich musical harmonics to give it a lively analog vibe. And even though the EQ is a hybrid by nature, you’ll find it to be extremely cohesive, intuitive, and really really natural-sounding.
The high-band boost is inspired by very smooth and open-sounding tube mastering EQs, so it’s going to add dimension, clarity and depth without sounding thin and harsh. The upper midrange band-boost is inspired by a number of classic analog EQs, and it’s designed to increase the presence, impact and punch without sounding honky and abrasive. The low-mid and low band boosts were inspired by a solid-state mastering equalizer, and they add warmth, punch, and “bigness” without sounding boomy or muddy.
At first glance the LIFT looks like a straightforward two-knob processor, but there is a lot going on behind the scenes. The LIFT has two analog-modeled parallel filter networks that ‘lift’ both the top and bottom end of the frequency spectrum in an incredibly musical and natural way. The goal with LIFT was to make the effect cohesive and transparent, and the addition of the custom analog-modeled harmonic output stages help keep the sound lively and deep as well. With LIFT you can easily get the sound where you want it to be, without it sounding overly-processed or unnatural.



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