Classic Phaser

This is an extremely musical vintage multi-stage phaser effect. Select between the different stages of phasing and sync the results for out-of-this-world modulations. Each of the stage Selector Button determines the number of notches/peaks in the sound, affecting the general sound character. The big Speed knob adjusts the rate of the phase and can be synched to your master tempo by flipping the Sync switch below. Features - Speed : Changes the speed of the phaser effect. - Frequency Range : Changes the depth of the phaser effect by increasing its sweep range. - Sync : Synchronizes the speed (rate) of the phaser to your host BPM. - Resonance : Adds resonance to the sound of the phaser, causing it to ring out more. - Selector buttons : Choose between 4, 6 and 8 Stage modes; - Mix : Dry/Wet Mix of the plug-in. - Out : Controls the output level of the plug-in.



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