bx_saturator V2

Sweeten or Shred Beyond Any Other Processor The bx_saturator V2 is an M/S & multi-band saturation tool that’s ideal for mastering, mixing and sound-design. It features Brainworx´s “True Split” crossover technology, which ensures that the Mid and Side channels are always perfectly in phase, resulting in focused, huge-sounding mixes and masters. Refine, Define, or Crush From subtle mix glue to insane crunch, the bx_saturator V2 lets you fatten and distort Mid and Side signals of your mix independently. You can dial in analog warmth and subtle overdrive on individual tracks, or apply it to the stereo bus to thicken an entire mix. You can also bring out delicate nuances previously lurking in your vocal tracks, acoustic guitar tracks, and even percussion submixes, without increasing their level and without heavy-handed EQ-ing. Conversely, you can mutilate signals subtly or intensely while preserving musicality. Best of all, you can apply all these pro tricks without affecting other crucial sounds and frequencies in your mix. Louder Mixes, Smarter Saturation Each of the four XL frequency bands have dedicated gain, drive and XL (mix) controls allowing you to increase the perceived volume of the signals without boosting its actual output level, giving you louder, punchier mixes. Go Mono for a More Powerful Low-End The Mono Maker Tool can be found in many Brainworx plugins. It mixes the low-end of your stereo signal to mono, which lets you widen the high frequencies of your mix without creating phase problems in the low end. Improvements in Version 2 First of all: it sounds even better than its predecessor thanks to a redesigned algorithm! This V2 update also includes function and processing refinements, as well as support for Avid AAX DSP users. If you already own a bx_saturator V1, you can upgrade to V2 for just $48. (That’s $101 dollars off the stand-alone price!) You can also use the V1 version and the new V2 version simultaneously. However, since the V1 will no longer be updated, we recommend that you upgrade to V2 for future projects.



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