At the heart of bx_panEQ is a Focus control for each filter; this adjusts how wide the filter’s effect will be in the stereo panorama, allowing for anything from broad strokes to precise adjustments in your mix. The filters' API-style Proportional Q design pinpoints your EQ tweaks by raising the Q factor as gain is increased or decreased from 0 dB, allowing for even more surgical precision. Solo buttons for each band give insight to the exact changes in frequency response by auditioning the pure difference in signal.

Best of all, a Panoramic Spectral Analyzer displays the amplitude of your EQ boosts and cuts across the stereo field and frequency spectrum in real time, intuitively guiding your hand while accurately indicating a blended combination of stereo width and frequency response. You can directly adjust stereo position and relative gain of each band from within this display—a lifesaver when it comes to recording automation or making on-the-fly adjustments. What’s more, bx_panEQ is the first Brainworx plugin to feature a re-sizable interface, allowing you to increase the size of the analyzer to comfortably work on larger displays.

The power unleashed by bx_panEQ in mixing and mastering applications is profound. Stretch the width of a stereo acoustic guitar track by boosting progressively higher frequencies at pan positions from left to right. Reach into the stereo mix of a live concert to tame a boomy hard-panned guitar without affecting other slices of the stereo field. For the mastering engineer, discretely equalize localized spectral imbalances to correct a lopsided mix. For the music producer, automate bands to fly across the spectral analyzer for unique and interesting stereo filter effects. The applications with bx_panEQ are limitless.



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Who use it

Dave Audé, Adam Collins, Richard Chycki, Mischke, Trehy Harris


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$ 99.00 Jul 01, 2017

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