bx_hybrid V2

State-of-the-Art Mixing & Mastering EQs Using heralded filter-designs from Brainworx, the bx_hybrid V2 was re-designed from the ground up to deliver the sound of analog filters combined with awesome digital features and workflow. Bx_hybrid also maps to all the features of the AVID ICON center section EQ, including its Surround Joysticks. There is nothing like the Bass Shift for tweaking bass drums, and try the Presence Shift for acoustic guitars or female voices. A sophisticated Auto Solo Mode solos single frequency bands. You can also tweak Q controls with a mouse click or via your physical controller’s touch sensitive EQ knobs. Using the latest Brainworx filter design, these EQs allow for digital EQ-ing up to 26kHz, even in low-res sessions (44.1 and 48kHz).



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Who use it

Tony Maserati, Dylan “3-D” Dresdow, Tim Nielsen


How much

$ 199.00 Feb 19, 2017

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