bx_cleansweep Pro

Now, Brainworx has introduced a third reincarnation of the beloved filter plugin: the bx_cleansweep Pro. Sporting the addition of five filters with adjustable slopes and characters for each, and spectrum analysis with an advanced frequency/phase plot, this next generation in the bx_cleansweep legacy provides an accurate and intuitive tool for your mixing needs. Use it to tweak and tune the deeper regions of your mix, or create interesting spectral sweeps and effects when designing sounds. Make it the first piece in your chain on every single track, and you’ll be amazed at how just a little filtering can go such a long way.



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Who use it

Jody Wisternoff, Toby Pitman, Stonebridge, Thomas Gold, James Wiltshire


How much

$ 79.00 Jul 01, 2017

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