American Tweed

ased on the legendary Fender Bassman amplifier, this amp simulation plug-in includes 6 Control knobs, Speaker Emulation with Bypass, Stereo Mode Switch and Boost Switch. The P&M American Tweed plug-in offers an incredibly realistic Fender Bassman amp sound emulation. From sparkling clean to a full crush tone, warm overdrives and even hard solo leads. Use the six effective controls to create your own Tweed amp-like sounds. The P&M American Tweed can be used as a complete guitar amplifier... Features - Drive : Adds more distortion drive. - Bass : Adds less or more low frequencies. - Middle : Adds less or more middle frequencies. - Treble : Adds less or more high frequencies. - Selector BTN : Off /On Axis mic for speaker emulation. - In : Controls the input level of the plug-in. - Out : Controls the output level of the plug-in.



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