Air & Earth EQ

The Eiosis AirEQ is one of the most highly-regarded plugin equalizers in the audio industry, and the Air & Earth modules bring the heart of the musicality of that EQ into the Virtual Mix Rack. In addition to the actual Air and Earth filters themselves, both modules feature resonant filters (HiCut for the Air and LoCut for the Earth), with slopes from 6dB to 36dB/oct.
Air is a new type of filter that helps restore or add brightness to source material while remaining natural-sounding. It does this by allowing you to gently add high frequencies without adding harshness or unpleasant digital artifacts.
Earth was inspired by real transformer behavior, and brings deep and solid sub-lows. You can think about using the Earth module as an “adjustable transformer”, controlling all of that character with just one knob. The result is always a tight and precise bass sound, without being muddy or boomy.



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