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Moogle — Universal tool for compositors, sound engineers, sound designers, musicians and anybody who interested world of music and sound. Explore plugins, instruments, effects, samplers, sound processing. Share your favorites with other.
Built for musicians and sound engineers

Moogle is a search platform inspired by the way you work. Find plugins, manage your favorites, and explore software alongside thousands of other engineersa and musicians.

What is it?

Moogle is Sound & You

In 2014, Moogle was founded by musicians and sound engineers, who tried to create the tool to storing and sharing sound things with other people. Now this is a huge and useful thing for anybody, who has something to do with the world of Sound and Music.

At the moment we put a lot of plugins and give you the best ways to share, discover, and be inspired.


Everyday we create something new: music, sounds, FX's, processing. Everyday we try to find somethings new: plugins, sounds, processing tricks. We've made a useful tool to share all this things with everybody.
If you need special sound — find it here.
If you have a good plugins — tell about it.
If you software developer — tell about yourself.

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What can you do here?

Moogle Feautures
Search for a desired production stuff Instruments, plugins, effects, samplers. Huge list of different kinds here. Explore and be inspired.
Moogle Feautures
Explore new sound units and tricks Want more from your sound? You are on the right way! Find best plugins and create collections
Moogle Feautures
Hold discussions with colleagues Tell us about your favorite plug-ins or the gears. And we will tell you about our.
«Caring about the happiness of others,
we find our own.» — Plato
We love Sound. We love Music. We love that it inspires,
encourages, assists and calms at the same time.
We respect and appreciate people who devote themselves
to the world of Sounds and Music.

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